Magnificent Game Releases Across Consoles This December

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2019 is about to end, but hey! there is no slow season for game releases. There are literally hundreds of games releasing across various platforms, and you might miss a few good ones in the huge stack of names. But worry not as we won’t let this happen under our watch. Here is our list of brand new games released this December: 

SaGa: Scarlet Grace – Ambitions

SaGa: Scarlet Grace game screenshot

Release Date: 3 December 2019

Let’s talk about the SaGa series’ western release this December as Scarlet Grace. Its publisher Square has just released a port of years old turn-based RPG series that first originated on the Game Boy in 1989 and then continued across multiple platforms. Scarlet Grace is a recent retro RPG hidden gem that SaGa fans will surely enjoy, albeit it is a different experience than what ‎Akitoshi Kawazu fans are used to.

This Super Nintendo game offers all the same eccentricities and charm you would expect from any SaGa title. All of them have been delivered in an entertaining manner, yet the game still looks and feels distinct from the previous titles. In terms of different gameplay mechanics and features like no random combat encounters, asymmetrical experience points, complex and exciting battles, open-ended exploration can be forever linked to the series, but you will notice the differences right away. Unlike the typical RPG entries, Scarlet Grace offers a curated story experience; all four game’s playable characters have their own fields and combat themes. The Dialogues, interactions, soundtrack and visuals are consistently terrific. SaGa Scarlet Grace is a stand-out RPG gem that not only captures the spirit of SaGa but also offers a fresh take on the formula. You can grab this game on iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Steam and Nintendo Switch.

Arise: A Simple Story

Arise: A Simple Story game screenshot

Release Date: 3 December 2019

Arise: A Simple Story is a classic platformer with time manipulation mechanics that will hit you right in the feels. Sometimes we feel that all our plans are going down the pan, and we are in dire need of a beautiful restorative. Arise is that energizing stimulant that makes you feel joyful that it’s not all bad; it is an enlivening pick-me-up from the world of gaming.

Unlike the Title that radiates positivity, this adventure starts out on a funeral pyre of the player (the character) surrounded by people who are paying their respects before the character is cremated. Then you will wake up on the snowy uplands of the afterlife- between the dead and the living. The game features different glowing objects that can transport you to different worlds as you start your journey via the landscape of memories along with a girl (and woman afterwards) who is actually your life long partner. The character will relive many moments of his life packed with pleasant remembrances. The storytelling also involves jumping, climbing and swinging on different platforms in levels exploring the most surreal moments in your life. The magical world of Arise: a simple story features a touching narrative and a beautiful score, and the game is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Alien: Isolation (Switch Port)

Alien: Isolation game screenshot

Release Date: 5 December 2019

The developers of 2016’s Doom have really impressed us with their efforts in bringing the game over to powerful hardware over Nintendo. With the right choices, many sacrifices, such as lower frame-rate and resolution, reduction in detail can be avoided. What if we told you that Feral Interactive’s latest Aline: Isolation is much better on Switch than the Xbox One and PS4 versions? Alien: Isolation is an adoring homage to a horror classic, and an incredible conversion of one of the finest subversive, clever and survival horror action games: a triple-A-title with an unkillable antagonist.

Alien: Isolation has aged like a fine wine and as it came out on Switch in December. We have great news for the fans: it is still as spine-chilling as when you first tried to avoid the Xenomorph. The fact that your iconic foe is unlikely to be killed is something that made Alien: Isolation hold up so well. Here is another awesome news, the Switch release features all seven pieces of DLC (Downloadable content) from the original game. It even features two characters from the star cast of the original film, which is a real treat for the series fans. The game features Amanda Ripley as the daughter of the main protagonist Ellen Ripley. Ellen also stars in Last Survivor, which is a playable version of a segment from the movie’s finale. Crew Expendable also has the original crew; these two story based DLCs really treat the film with respect it deserves and the execution on Switch looks remarkably on another level. 

Darksiders Genesis

Darksiders Genesis game screenshot

Release Date: 5 December 2019

We would rate the 2019’s Darksiders III as a little disappointing in terms of execution and finish, but we have great news for the fans of the series. The franchise’s new installment Darksiders Genesis is delightfully witty and imaginatively warm, and it seems like a completely different take on the series. A totally different kind of a game, it is actually a prequel. Instead of a third-person adventure with RPG elements, it is a top-down Diablo-like action game. This prequel features the previously unplayable fourth horseman Strife and the original hero War, and its story has taken place before Darksiders I events. Both heroes have been tasked to stop King Lucifer as he plans to upset the balance of the charred council by giving powers to master demons.

Although there is not much story, the intense fighting, puzzle solving, impressive boss battles, exploration, and the serpent holes riddled with enemies to test the players’ abilities help keep the game moving forward. Darksiders Genesis brings the characters back from a young age, and in different contexts, it will surely be heavy hit lore for the fans of the series. You can get the game now on PC and Stadia as the game will hit consoles later in February 2020.

Shovel Knight: King of Cards/Showdown

Shovel Knight: King of Cards game screenshot

Release Date: 10 December 2019

Shovel Knight first came out in June 2014 and soon became a favorite game as a brilliant 8-bit inspired 2D platformer. Its developer Yacht Club Games had promised to expand the game further with more content. This December, the studio has finally launched the third and final installment, Shovel Knight: King of Cards. They have also released an exclusively new fighting game Shovel Knights Showdown which digs further into the series’ wonderful world. Shovel Knight Showdown seems like a welcome excuse to expand the series; it is an ultimate platform fighting experience.

King of Cards has been claimed to be the largest campaign for Shovel Knights and features a story that deals with King Knight and a new card game—Joustus and fully playable in the expansion (it is optional). Players will move around square cards on small grids to cover up the jewels. They will be guided by the arrows on many cards to show them the direction to move. As players take turns laying down cards from the deck, they try to push their cards onto gemstones and push the others out. With amusing content and characters, King of Cards’ 2D level design and old school graphics are simply stunning. With King of Cards, the five-year Shovel Knight saga finally concludes on a high note—a brand new story expansion and fighting game Showdown.

Meanwhile, Showdown essentially takes out a page from the Super Smash Bros-esque brawls and drops players into a stage with many platforms. You are tasked with either collecting a specific number of gems or deplete the lives of other players to win. The combination of static and auto-scroll stages with familiar items, controls and mechanics will make anyone jump into and try.

If you have the paid version of Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove Edition, you can get these two games easily as free add-ons. These games are also available to download on listed platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, PS3, Wii U for a modest price.


Wattam game screenshot

Release Date: 17 December 2019

Wattam is a brand new action game by Keita Takahashi, the Noby Noby Boy and Katamari Damacy series fame. After seeing many trailers and playing it afterwards, we can surely ascertain it is a weird, goofy, whimsical, cozy, and colorful adventure about having ingenious fun and making pals. Yes, this is definitely the case because in this toy-box world, you will play as a mayor. You will expand your group of playable friends. There are more than a hundred characters, including ice cream cone, beach balls, toilets, clouds, and many more, who will be your friends. You will also expand the scope of your world that has many floating islands.

Wattam actually represents a bizarre version of Earth that turned barren after an attack from a mysterious evil force. Wattam consists of four main islands, each having its specific season. Players will take on the role of the mayor with the ultimate objective of bringing back all hundred objects by solving puzzles. Fans of cartoonish games, we are sure that you will be smiling the entire time you play it. Wattam is also playable in co-op too, and you can play it on PC and PS4. 

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This list is just madness! We are sure you are going to love these just released scintillating new titles. Do let us know in the comments section if you are planning to play these games. Keep checking our website for other release lists stocking various games from different categories.