Details on Overwatch 2 Push Mode


The new mode of popular Overwatch game is truly breathtaking. It is everything we were waiting for. People who are familiar with Team Fortress 2 may recognize a few similarities in the new style of Overwatch 2 mode. There is a tournament that promises to be legendary.

What a New Mode is About?

Actually, Overwatch 2 push mode will be mainly about the robot. Two teams competing against each other will have their chance to push this robot during a limited time. You will have to push it farther than your rivals. If you want to win, you have to push the robot to the end of the map. The first team that does it wins.

The robot has to be accompanied by one player, like Payload, and actually can help to push the barrier further. But you need to keep in mind that while the barrier is moving, the robot is slowing down. All your actions have consequences in the game. The new mode brings high-level mechanics into it. You can see the fights taking place across the map at the same time.

Do You Need a Strong Team?

overwatch 2 push mode screenshot

Overwatch 2 is about team spirit, as well. The game has always positioned itself as the one that values good teamwork. So, you have to push this robot together and protect your flanks. Make sure that the player that pushes the robot is not actually alone as he/she will need help. It is better to ask another player to protect the one that pushes the robot while you are fighting with another team.

Thus, as you may have already guessed, the new mode requires some kind of a strategy for you. While it looks like light and fun, there are too many people that may get involved in it and relying on your common decisions. A tip for you: discuss your actions and roles inside the team before you join the match.

Another thing you don’t want to talk about but have to. Overwatch 2 push mode requires some harsh actions. You have to kill as many rivals as possible, or they will kill you. The game wants just one winner, and there can’t be two winning teams. If you let your competitors live, they may kill you seconds later.

Even if you don’t get rid of the enemies, you have to destroy their plans. Don’t let them progress. Try to keep them from moving the robot.

Is it any Good?

The push mode was announced and shown during the BlizzCon conference. Many fans sighed in excitement to see their favorite characters back on track in this entertaining activity when you have one simple goal, and lots of friends cover your back. However, some players did not share the whole enthusiasm, believing that the mode could be more advanced.

About Overwatch 2 Push Mode

So far, we have seen only one map called Toronto out of 4: Toronto, Gothenburg, Monte Carlo, and Rio de Janeiro. Apparently, there are new maps we can expect in the near future. The new mode was made for two teams, up to 6 players each.

Toronto map looks snowy and well-developed. You can see the destination point on the map. Your road is shaped like a zigzag, which is not really convenient for you and your competitors, but it raises the level of challenge. You will be able to play your favorite characters from the original Overwatch. This time it will be easier to see how much life you have, how much damage has been done to you and where it comes from. There are numerous indicators on your screen, and you have to watch them carefully.

Do You Like the New Mode?

Overwatch 2 push mode sounds really promising. As we believe, it is going to be improved even more in the nearest future. For now, you can check the gameplay trailer that has recently appeared on YouTube and find out whether it is worth to wait for. Share your personal opinion on the new mode and the new game itself. How do you like the trailer of Overwatch 2?