Six New Games Helped Apple Arcade to Reach Milestone

Wendy Hubbert


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Apple Arcade service has passed another milestone this Friday. It offers 100 mobile games for its subscribers. Earlier this week, Apple Arcade has added 6 more games of different genres. This list includes much-awaited Marble It Up: Mayhem!, indie Discolored, and crazy fun Guildings.

All these games are free for Apple Arcade subscribers. There are 100 games in total, and the number continues to grow. All you need to have is enough space on your phone.

The Great Six

Here we want to introduce the new games on Apple Arcade to you. They have just appeared in this service but you may already know some of them. Each of you may find the most interesting game to play.

Before you start downloading the games, you may read their descriptions to decide whether you need them or not. They all are free, and if you have enough time and phone’s memory, try all. Yet, they differ by gameplay, graphics, and even controls.

UFO on Tape: First Contact

UFO on Tape: First Contact poster

You are going to face all your childhood dreams (or nightmares?) when giant UFO lands in the nearby area. Now you have to choose what to do. Perhaps you have planned the meeting in advance and will calmly wait to see aliens or will you run away screaming like a baby? Well, if you’re a proud owner of your own YouTube channel or an Instagram stories celebrity, we know for sure who will stand still recording everything on iPhone. This masterpiece is a much-awaited sequel of the 2010 award-winning game that already became classic. If you loved the first part, you would definitely love the second. The graphics are amazing and incredibly realistic for mobile games.

Sociable Soccer

Sociable Soccer gameplay

Sociable Soccer is a mobile soccer game from Rogue Games. It contains numerous features you may appreciate if you are a soccer fan. The first trailer was released a long time ago, in 2017. If you have waited for the game since that time, you may already be familiar with its features.

It has fast and intuitive gameplay with controllers and touch screen options. You can take under your control the soccer team or just observe from aside and deal with management. If you want to combine both these modes, there are no restrictions. You may play matches against another player if you have two controllers. If not, concentrate on developing the team, collecting 25 000 player cards.

There is a Seasonal League System and campaign with 60 hours of active playing. Different modes will entertain you and help you to do what you want at this particular moment. Raise the club in world rankings.

Marble It Up: Mayhem!

Marble It Up: Mayhem! poster

Marble It Up is an incredibly simple and cheerful game with a nostalgic flavor and vivid graphics. It is new and fresh. It has incredible smooth controls and multi-player options. Roll your marble, gather scores and avoid difficulties on your way. Beware! You will have to do it on a crazy speed. Don’t get distracted by a soundtrack that reminds you of 90s games. This is a nice way to spend time while you are waiting for someone or riding somewhere.

Takeshi and Hiroshi

Takeshi and Hiroshi gameplay

Takeshi and Hiroshi game has outstanding puppet animation and wise gameplay. You will have to follow the main characters and watch their actions. The gameplay is rather thoughtful and kind. You progress through the story of two brothers, Takeshi, a 14-year old future game designer, created the game for his small brother Hiroshi. Hiroshi has weak health and loves to play games more than anything. Takeshi tries to cheer his brother and even has to play as monsters to make the game entertaining for Hiroshi.


Guildings gameplay

Discolored is an outstanding indie puzzle adventure. The action takes place in a desolate location. You have one goal. You need to bring back the colors to the world. While you are doing this, you have to find out what happened with all the colors, why did they suddenly disappear. There are numerous clues on your way, and you have to gather them all. The game will lead you to numerous secrets and show you an unbelievable story. Before you download the game, check its amazing trailer. The game’s aesthetic is worth of numerous awards.


Guildings poster

This is a quest you have to go through with your friends. You will meet dangerous things on your way and will have to handle various challenges. You will go from scary tunnels to mountain temples abandoned by others… or not? You will have to fight against ghosts, goblins, and other evil creatures. Make sure your friends can handle the pressure. The graphics in the game are simple but really eye-catching.

What Game is Your Favorite?

If you have already checked one of these games, write down your thoughts about them in the comments below. Some of us may like soccer, others want thoughtful and cute gameplay like in Takeshi and Hiroshi. Some players love to solve mysteries. In this case, Discolored will be their best option. You can name your favorite genre as well.