Impressions on Halo: Reach on PC

Wendy Hubbert


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Halo series has been considered as one of the best-selling real time strategy games and, of course, Halo: Reach is the best version of Halo. Before the release of Xbox One, Halo: Reach was among the most popular Xbox 360 games. After it was added to the new console, it has successfully conserved a healthy player base. Many series fans have been demanding to bring it to PC, and their wish is finally granted. Halo: Reach along with the Master Chief Collection (MCC) bundle has been ported to PC.

It arrived on the PC on December 3rd, and further integrated into MCC on Xbox One. As the game was launched by 343 Industries a decade ago, there have been some changes. The developer has introduced season points, a new battle pass system for players to unlock seasonal cosmetic items (Armor, Helmets, Firefight voices, Chestplates, and many utility items). This progression system hosts new settings, and shiny prizes keep the game fresh for newcomers and veterans till the release of other titles in 2020: Halo 4 unlock, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, Halo 2: Anniversary, etc.

For Halo fans on PC, the game is priced at $10. If you got Master Chief Collection on Xbox One, the access to these multiplayer modes is absolutely free, but you will be charged $10 to get access to Firefight and Campaign. We have good news for Xbox Game Pass subscribers: you can get the all-inclusive Reach experience at no additional cost on both platforms.

You can also help 343 Industries in testing as many builds of the upcoming Halo titles are in the trial phase. Simply sign up for the Halo Insider Program to give the developers a hand.

Things You Need to Know

It is amazing that Halo: Reach has finally arrived on PC; here are a few things you need to know.

1. Get it from Steam and Windows 10 Store

For the fans wondering on what service they can get Reach? Well, it is available on Windows 10 and Steam. Players have the ability to select which service they find great. We really appreciate this consumer-friendly decision as Reach runs smoothly on both, with the possibility to even take advantage of many community features of these services.  To play Reach, you need to purchase the Master Chief Collection first which will let you buy Halo: Reach for PC.

Referring to cross-play, the owners of Reach on these two services will be able to play all modes together. But, the cross-play between Xbox One and PC is inactive, although cross-progression is available. Ranks, leaderboards, achievements, and Campaign progress are shared between all platforms.

2. Updated Engine

Thankfully, we can play the Xbox 360 version of Reach on Xbox One due to the backward compatibility. The latest MCC version is expected to deliver a better and smoother experience with high visual fidelity that will faithfully recreate reality, especially on the Xbox One X. Reach is the first game on PC from the Halo MCC, and the developer and supporting studios are working to port other games to the new platform.

The compatibility of Reach has been updated to fit the requirements of current day hardware. The graphic card has been updated to create an immersive virtual environment that players will definitely love. Reach can also be pushed to 4K resolution; if your hardware can handle 4K, it will run at 60 fps to deliver all the Halo Reach nostalgia with impressive graphic quality.

There are other features added like complete keyboard and mouse support, uncapped variable frame rate (it is experimental. frame rate can be locked at 60 fps or set to unlimited), view customization field, and assistance for ultra-wide monitors, etc.

It is a nine years old video game, but it runs so smoothly that you won’t feel the need to have settings for draw distance, lighting, texture quality and other features as apparently all of them are already enhanced. 343 Industries may consider adding quality settings like ambient occlusion and anti-aliasing.

3. Mod Support

Mod Support is not a priority, but it has been considered in Reach. 343 Industries does not support mods officially, but the players have been given an option to bypass anti-cheats as the official modding support is being worked on. Players can turn off the game’s cheat detection service to modify the game and won’t have to worry about getting banned. It is unclear whether this method applies to Reach releases on both Steam and Microsoft Store, so we hope to have an answer soon.

Enjoy This Classic Adventure

Halo: Reach delivers a fantastic prequel story campaign and takes multilayer to a whole new level. It is out now on Xbox One and PC platforms. We can’t wait to hear what our fans have to say about the Xbox’s most successful title ever.