5 Hottest Games To Be Released This August

Wendy Hubbert


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Let's be honest, 2019 hasn't been generous at hot releases. In 2018 there was a whole feast of game premiers to keep us happy: Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War,  indie marvel The Messenger, Dragonball FighterZ, and others. But the current year has been too quiet: perhaps, Devil May Cry 5 is the only title that deserves recognition.

Therefore, we suggest Top 5 Games to be released this August that you definitely should check. They will nicely dilute this uneventful year until The Last of US II, Star Wars: Fallen Order, Kojima's Death Stranding, and Pokémon: Sword and Shield hit the shelves. 

1. Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey — Prehistoric GTA

Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey poster

Release date: August 27

Platforms: PC

Okay, you already know what it's like to survive in the Neolithic era. Takkar and his friends from Far Cry Primal taught how to hunt a mammoth, craft the clubs and spears and genocide cannibalistic Neanderthals.

But in  Humankind Odyssey things will be even harsher. This time you're taken 2 million years back to the past. Back then, a primitive sling was a technology unfathomable, just like an iPhone would be to a Renaissance man. And a single wrong step made by you could lead to your entire tribe's death.

See the reed beds? There you will find either tasty turtle eggs or a giant python whose lunchtime has come. Climb up the tallest tree in the forest to boost your reconnaissance skills or... fall down because of a fragile branch, break a limb and be left behind by your clan.

Humankind Odyssey is all about making decisions and taking risks. If you're lucky, your lifespan, intelligence, and craftsmanship will increase. If not, you'll encounter a hazard. But there's always a way to cheat death and earn valuable XP points. And to do that you must learn how to improvise in critical situations.

Unfortunately, Humankind Odyssey will premiere exclusively on PC this August. But if initial results shown by the game will be satisfying, its release for Xbox and PS4 will be just around the corner.

Be the smartest, quickest and boldest primate in Ancestors: Humankind Odyssey.

2. Control — Better than SCP Foundation?     

Control game poster

Release date: August 27

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC

The government hides a lot from us. To name a few: alien spacecraft, miniature black holes that could suck in the entire Brooklyn within a fracture of a second,  vinyl records that can talk to you, future-predicting doll toddlers, and so on.

This is what Control by Remedy is all about. You will become a part of the Bureau of Control — a government service that secures paranormal forces. Forces that are capable of ripping our mundane reality apart... Yes, the plot does sound like a typical SCP-based title.

Only unlike most of these, Control isn't an indie horror game with (let's be honest) crappy graphics. It's a full-blown thriller with cinematographic visuals and a few "surprises" that will play with your imagination. For instance, the office of the Bureau — a colossal skyscraper — turns out to be much more spacious inside than it seems to be.

The Control's developers promise that previously visited areas will contain more paths and dimensions to explore. It sounds like they employ non-Euclidean geometry in level-design. Combine it with telekinesis, levitation physics, and mind control tricks: it sounds like quite a tasty dish they've cooked. 

Don't let the Supernatural shatter our world in Control.

3. Blair Witch — Don't Go to the Dark Forest Alone

Blair Witch game poster

Release date: August 30

Platforms: Xbox One, PC

Inspired by the cult movie The Blair Witch Project, this game will immerse you into the depths of insanity. The thing is, your primary area for roaming and exploration will be a dark, ominous forest. And this forest is capable of distorting time and space, making your escape nearly impossible.

Judging by the trailer, the game is a solid horror with all necessary nuances: the atmosphere of hopelessness and despair, infernal creatures craving your delicate human flesh and a circa 1998 cell phone with No Signal message on its screen.

It seems like the game follows in the steps of Phantom Pain and Far Cry 5. You will have a pet companion — a cute, friendly doggo who's the only creature capable of preventing you from going bonkers completely. Not much known about Blair Witch's gameplay mechanics though, so be the first to explore them.

Will you succumb to the tempting call of insanity?

4. Astral Chain — Anime, Cyborgs and Self-conscious Katanas

Astral Chain poster

Release date: August 30

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Astra Chain is already expected to be a worthy successor to NieR: Automata. Well, mostly because it is authored by Takahisa Taura who also worked on the Automata game. The slasher looks very energetic and stylish and its numerous melee combo attacks never fail to remind of Devil May Cry, Bayonetta and MGR: Revengeance.   

The unique catch of Astral Chain, however, is its weaponry system. In the game, you'll be granted full control not only over your character but also their tools of destruction. They'll act almost as a secondary character, obeying every command of yours. The only downside is that Astral Chain is a Nintendo Switch exclusive.

Astral Chain will entertain you with its smart weapons and lightning attacks.

5. The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan — G-g-ghosts?!

The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan  poster

Release date: August 30

Platforms: PS4, Xbox, PC

Another horror game, Man of Medan takes us to a ghost ship. And it's not just another Flying Dutchman, no! The vessel is haunted by something utterly dark and completely infernal. And that something is after you and your friends that somehow appear to be left stranded on the cursed bateau.

Cinematographic visuals, the grim atmosphere of the sea tempest and tiny disgusting leeches crawling in the half-decomposed corpses — the game does a good job at inducing panic. And the diabolical ship itself — although a limited area at first — has a number of secret dimensions that you'll be forced to explore to stay alive.

Enter the old, scary legend of a cursed ship in The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan.

6th Element

Which game would you like to put on this list as a 6th worthy title? Let us know in the comments!