10 Most Relaxing Android Puzzle Games

Francesca Nicasio


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When we want to have some relaxed fun, you want a special sort of game. No fighting, no destruction, no racing against opponents or time, no competition or time limit at all. The games of this sort are usually puzzles with easy meditative gameplay, requiring concentration that causes no tension nevertheless.

We have collected ten games that can help you shake the hard day’s stress away. They are different in their design and tasks, but they are all extremely good for an anti-stress prescription.


Polysphere game screenshots

When you take a kaleidoscope, you enjoy the random pictures it generates for you. Polysphere has it just the opposite way: it provides you with shattered 3D images that form a picture if you position it right. To turn it the right way, swipe in any possible direction until you find the right angle to look at it from. Then a collection of colored smithereens will turn into a strawberry, a wolf’s head, a tree, a butterfly, and so on. The game is free but heavily stuffed with ads, and to get rid of them you’ll have to subscribe.

Golf Peaks

Golf Peaks game screenshots

This is a golf-based puzzle based on cards, with its simple and logical physics, primitive yet cute visuals, and lots of levels. On each level, you need to drive the ball into the hole; your possible moves are defined by cards you have. Use them in the right order to get the result.

The game is paid, but it only requires a single $2.99 payment. Then you won’t feel annoyed by ads or paying extras for more levels. Frankly speaking, this model is much more relaxing than subscription offered by Polysphere.


Shadowmatic game screenshot

It’s another puzzle based on turning objects. You have an object and a contour of its shadow on the wall. Your mission is to turn the object to the position where its shadow fits the pattern. It seems easy, but the shapes to handle are so exquisite and strange that the tasks may take you longer.

Yet there is nothing extraordinary. After all, this is an “anti”-stress game, and it’s not supposed to be extremely hard. First 14 levels are free; unlocking the rest only takes a single $2.99 payment.

Cessabit: a Stress Relief Game

Cessabit: a Stress Relief Game game screenshots

The mission of this piece is brought out onto its signboard, and that’s what it does. First you see a beautiful picture, maybe reminding you of fairy tales or historical stories. Acknowledge and accept the picture. The next step is solving puzzles, according to the details you have seen and noticed on the picture. Concentrate on what you see, forget the rest.

The atmosphere is enhanced by meditative relaxing music (you better connect your acoustics to enjoy it in full), and its anti-stress effect is enhanced by unlimited time to solve each problem. You may spend evenings at the same level until you find the answer: no one hurries you. The game is paid, but $0.99 seems the cheapest you can have a good relaxed evening for.


Zenge game screenshot

It’s an unusual game that combines familiar puzzle mechanics and a bit of physics. It tells a philosophical story with the puzzles you need to solve. The story of a lonely traveler is full of quests and puzzles, so they form a solid narrative when you go through Zenge.

Just like the name supposes, the game is first of all meditative. You don’t need to hurry or beat scores; just go through it. The price is more than moderate: just $0.99.

Laser Overload

Laser Overload game screenshots

In this game you need to direct the laser beam, so it can activate the power sources. The method of doing it is turning the prepositioned mirrors, so the reflected laser goes where you want it to.

This game needs a bit of mental calculation and some understanding of basic optics. But there’s nothing extraordinary you need to know to enjoy Laser Overload. The game is basically free, though you may need to pay for extras. The only thing about it that doesn’t perfectly fit is timing for each level and star rating you get for completion.


Blue game screenshots

This game is as simple as its name, but it’s as diverse as blue objects around us, from the sky and the sea to Skype, LED indicators, or Heisenberg’s meth. The mission is the same across all the levels: you need to color the entire screen blue. But the ways to do it are different all the time. You can easily guess at some levels, at others it takes some time, and sometimes you don’t even understand how come you did succeed. We won’t spoil you the pleasure of solving the puzzles; just download it and have a jolly blue time.


Interlocked game screenshots

It’s a wooden block puzzle, one of those slow-paced, amazing, and meditative games that work the best anti-stress. Wooden puzzles have been around long before the smartphones, and these shapes, tricky and beautiful, inspire some special feeling about them.

In Interlocked you need to disassemble 3D wooden objects made of separate elements. To take one of them off, you need to pull or push it in the right direction, but mind the other components that might stand in the way. Levels you complete are also rated, and the time you spend matters. But you can just ignore it and adjust the pace to your inner condition.


MahJah game screenshots

It’s a 3D version of Mahjong solitaire, where you need to remove pairs of identical objects until the field is emptied. Here you also remove the cubes with the same pictures, tapping on one of them and them on the other. You can rotate the 3D construction to see the picture better.

Everything is meditative about this game. There’s no reason to accelerate (though the timer is on the screen), you can relax to the beautiful meditative music and enjoy Oriental nature or idyllic home backgrounds. And the app also offers various skins, reminding of Chinese games, European alchemy, mass media, or various symbols.


hocus. game screenshots

In this minimal game you control the small cube that you need to navigate to its destination through various obstacles. The difficulty may vary; some of the levels are no-brainers, others may keep you busy for hours. But the overall impression of the game is just what it takes to relax after a hard day.

You can download hocus for free, and it contains no ads. There are extras that can be bought for money, but you don’t necessarily have to (unless you’re willing to support the developer).

Why So Few?

Of course, there are more relaxing games on Google Play, but while writing the article, the author was heavily influenced by the games he gave some time to. So there are just ten of them I found the most adequate for relaxation. But we always welcome new discoveries.