Pokémon Out of Luck in Pokémon Sword & Shield


The upcoming Pokémon Sword and Shield signifies a great leap for the whole series, being the first mainline entry of a new generation of games developed for a home console—Nintendo Switch. This also means that its developer Game Freak...


Top 5 PS4 Games with Cross-Play Option


Nowadays, there are no limits to devices multiplayer video games can be played on. You can share game experience with your friends no matter what platforms they use. Game developers began to pay attention to co-op games, producing them i...


Scientist Skin in Meteoric Rise Fortnite Mission


Meteoric Rise is the latest mission that takes place in Fortnite which sends you to explore the game’s map and Rift Zones in particular. For all the hard work, you receive Scientist skin, which is worth all the efforts. This amazin...