5 Reasons to Wait for Marvel’s Avengers Game


What Marvel did in cinema with its Universe is hard to overrate. It created a successful nonlinear sequence of over 20 interconnected movies. It combined subgenres of action movies, from Shakespearean drama to military action, from crime comedy to space opera, and beyond that. It denied the prejudice that the sequel is always worse than the origin. But is its impact on the gaming industry so strong?

Yes, it is, at least in one sense. Most cult game franchises are based on original stories, with rare exceptions, one of these being Marvel. So, there are five reasons to expect Marvel’s Avengers to make a really great game. We could have just named the characters, as there are five of them, but there’s more to it.

1. Made by Great Teams

Marvel’s Avengers Poster

The game was announced back in early 2017, and it was known then who Marvel wanted to cooperate with. Yes, it’s the duo of Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics that brought us Shadow of the Tomb Raider, along with Eidos-Montreal, the creators of Deus Ex. This quartet has been working at the game for all these years, and it will take at least a year more, as the release is scheduled on May 15th, 2020.

The game will be available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, and also on Google Stadia. It won’t be a surprise if a Nintendo Switch version catches up later; and, though the game seems too much of a challenge for Apple Arcade, we wouldn’t deny the chance. But mobile platforms were not named, and that’s a good sign: it will be a really big project. Have you ever tried to watch a Marvel movie on your smartphone? If yes, you know why you should have gone to a cinema. The same is here.

2. Voiced by the Original Cast

The cast of Avengers Game has nothing to do with the movie cast (though it would have been great), but still it can be called original. All the playable characters have the voices we have heard in Marvel’s projects. Tony Stark is voiced by Nolan North, Captain America sounds like Jeff Shine, Black Widow is backed by Laura Bailey, Thor is voiced by Travis Willingham, and the famous Troy Baker will speak for Bruce Banner (aka Hulk). These names may be unfamiliar to those only into Marvel Cinematic Universe, but not its animation series.

Even those far from gaming industry may find these voices familiar, as they have been voicing the superhero cast, say, in Avengers Assemble and other animation series. Some of them switched characters (say, Nolan North never voiced The Iron Man before), but most stay with those already associated with. And, yes, each of them may also act for other characters, as they did in most animations.

3. Offering a Brand-New Story

Marvel’s Avengers Poster

No, the Avengers game will not retell its confrontation with Thanos; this time the story is completely original, and it’s only known so far that it will (as usually, heh) contain a great threat to humanity and maybe other civilizations. It starts when the energy source on the Avengers’ helicarrier fails, and it leads to disasters, and the technology used to power it nearly gets stolen. It’s the day the Avengers team gets disassembled. Yes, the danger over Earth makes them reteam, but we know it’s never been easy for such a controversial party.

The story will be unpredictable and provide many more hours of fun than any movie. Maybe even more than the entire MCU. The developers say there will be many issues of free DLC as long as the game is the most actual Marvel’s gaming project. Probably it may be backed with new comic book issues (strange if not).

4. Customized Heroes and Various Modes

Whoever of Marvel superheroes is your favorite, we all know who you want to be the most heroic one in this universe, and (surprise!) it’s you. So, of course, you may want your Captain America to look different, resembling your real self, or its early version before MCU, or just someone we never expect; the same is with other characters.

The powers and abilities of the heroes are both individual and customizable, so of the entire branch you can select the skills and abilities that fit your style the most. There will be both single- and multiplayer modes, and multiplayer allows for up to four players. If you have a stable players party, you better think over your upgrades together, to complement each other the best way.

There will be other heroes available later (probably the first DLC will bring one or two), but don’t expect Spider-Man, as Sony still has the rights. Maybe he will be a special guest in the PS4 version, but even this is hard to expect.

5. It’s Just the Beginning

Marvel’s Avengers Poster

Just like with its cinema and animation, Marvel is aiming higher. The Avengers game is here to start a new gaming universe, with characters you like (especially if they’re customized by you!) and the stories never told in comic books, movies, or animation.

How can we make sure this universe isn’t created by some sort of megavillain? Simple. It offers no loot boxes and no pay-to-win features. It may offer, though, paid custom outfits and appearance features, because a real superhero is always a personality. If there are decent ways to monetize the game after it’s sold, Marvel won’t neglect any.

So what?

So, the closer we are to the release date, the more details we’ll get about the game. Official trailers and leaks will inevitably follow, but the release will surprise us anyway. Remember, there are many, many people involved, and they are quite experienced, so there will be something really astonishing, maybe even superseding our grandest expectations. Otherwise, Marvel wouldn’t have even gotten it started.