5 Reasons to Wait for Marvel’s Avengers Game


What Marvel did in cinema with its Universe is hard to overrate. It created a successful nonlinear sequence of over 20 interconnected movies. It combined subgenres of action movies, from Shakespearean drama to military action, from crime comedy to...


Fallout 76 Nuclear Winter Gets A Battle Royale Mode: Learn What’s in It


While Fallout 76 has been severely criticized from the beginning for some strange implements, like giving up NPC’s, or lack of a solid storyline, the developers from Bethesda seem to regulate the situation perfectly. In 2019, Fallout 76 Nucl...


5 Best New Android Games of March 2018


There is a wonderful way to fresh up for those who don’t know how to wake up from winter hibernation. March is a month of arousal and it prepared some bracing surprises for Android mobile users. Here is the list of splendid mobile titles tha...


Meet 23 New Pokemon in Pokemon Go


On January 23, 2018, Pokemon Go announced 23 additional Pokemon via its Twitter handle. These new Pokemon were first seen in Pokemon Ruby. Though Pokemon Go did not announce the names of the new Pokemon, it provided promotional artwork that showed...