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The description of Pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile is an adaptation of the popular Battle Royale online game, where a massive armada of players competes over the status of the last man standing. A variety of weapons, vehicles, and tactics can help you snatch the triumph. Especially now when you can take PUBG with you anywhere you go.


PUBG Mobile throws you and other 100 players unknown on the island of Erangel, where you'll have a nice and elegant slaughter until only one of you remains alive. Unlike on other platforms, so far it's the only location available.

You know the drill: you and your soon-to-be friends/enemies parachute on the battlefield and the fun begins. Patrol the area as soon as you stand on the ground: ammunition and other stuff that'll keep you alive won't find it itself. And then do your best at sneaking, head shooting, sniping, sabotaging - whatever brings the victory.

According to the genre principles, there's an invisible blue force field that narrows itself as the time goes by. And the fewer combatants there are on the battle arena, the faster it shrinks. And the last-minute confrontation will decide who'll bring the victory to the team. Unless you prefer playing the solo of course.

PUBG takes a serious approach towards the genre. The tempo here is slower than in other similar games. And things are treated more gravely. For example, PUBG's arsenal includes recreations of such real-life death tools:

  • AR Beryl.
  • Light machine-gun D-28.
  • Russian spetsnaz's Groza.
  • Mauser 98k.
  • Wild West's R1895.


And of course, your arsenal can be "dedlyfied" through various attachments: fire-suppressors, scopes, flash hiders etc. And if you want to use the vehicles in PUBG, you'll have to collect gasoline as well. Otherwise, they'll be of little use.

With such a strong accent on realism, PUBG mobile allows you to play only with mobile players. There's no account synchronization for the game as a result. But at least it protects your PUBG life from being dishonestly harvested as another frag by someone, who has better controls.


PUBG is much more cinematographic and realistic than Fortnite. And in its mobile version structures, units, models and textures look surprising better and sharper than those you can see on Xbox. Mobile adaptation managed to preserve both gameplay and looks of the original PUBG, which has no other explanation except that it could be a miracle.


Sadly, mobile shooters always lack accuracy and precision. And PUBG isn't an exception. It'll take you at least an hour of practice before you get used to controlling it. On the brighter side, there are certain improvements. E.g. weapons, armor and ammo now get auto-collected, plus the gun you've picked upsets to the auto-fire regime itself.

The fire controls feel very cluttered and there's no aim-assist. It can take you 1-3 seconds to aim at the enemy, which is, of course, an eternity in the shooter genre.



PUBG Mobile managed to retain the original game's picture and 95% of the original content. It can hold massive battles, protect you from unfair kills by PC/console players and so on. But the touchscreen controls leave a lot to be desired, so either spend hours on practicing or carry a controller with you.

Download PUBG Mobile to get a dosage of your favorite Royale Battle simulator!

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Bob Andersen

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Pubg mobile

5 / 5
Pubg mobile the latest version app review
Latest Version:




What's New:

- 1st person perspective.

- Royale Pass Season 1.

- Mini-Zone: A smaller map, more resources & air drops!

- Weapon & airplane finishes.

- View weapons in the new Armory.

- Pistols now get their own UI.

- Melee weapons can destroy tires.

- Individual teammates can be muted.

- Post-match results screen.

- Tier protection system.

- Asian character models.

- Emotes.

- Able to link 2 social networks.

- Added room cards.

- New items in the shop.

- Items can be gifted.

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