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The description of Fortnite

Fortnite is a Battle Royal genre game available for multi-platform use, including Android and iOS. Fortnite revolves around massive online battles that involve an army of players, armed with all sorts of melee/fire weapons. Join clans and fire-teams, invite your friend to partake in epic warfare and win yourself a place in the leaderboard ratings.


Fortnite is about colossal battles that take place on one huge island. It is so big that it has various climatic zones: forests with lush vegetation, green meadows, frosty mountains, a hot desert that causes quick dehydration... And all of those areas have means and ways to arrange a good ambush or a trap for an opposing team or just random combatants.

However, the phenomenon of camping is excluded in Fortnite. According to the Battle Royale genre canons, the battlefield begins gradually shrinking, right after the game starts. So by the time the finale is approaching, opponents will be forced to face each other in one big final stand. At least the game won't be plagued by the impossibility to finish it due to pesky campers.

As the players' parachute on the battle island, they need to collect asap:

  • Weaponry,
  • Ammo,
  • Building resources,
  • Medkits, potions etc.

Fortnite has a major quirk that sets it apart from all other Royale Battle simulators: you can erect structures here. They can be used for various purposes: hiding from the bullets hailing, setting up a roadblock, building a sniping tower etc. etc. Anything your tactical genius is capable of and your resource budget can afford.

Another idiosyncratic trait of Fortnite mobile (and desktop too) is the variety of sexy dance moves you can bust on various occasions. Or without any reason at all. Especially if you fall a brave victim to the Boogie Bomb, which makes everyone affected dance against their will for a short period of time. Energetic music with funky horns and a disco-ball, which appears on the ceiling, make the situation surrealistic, but enjoyable.

Besides its popularity, Fortnite is one of the last games opposing the pay-to-win policy. Money can buy you only some exclusive cosmetic content, including extra emotes. But you cannot buy yourself a place among the top players in Fortnite. Skills and skills only.


Fortnite doesn't aspire to be extremely fancy in terms of graphics. Instead, we have 3D unit/structure models designed in the cartoon aesthetics, leaving little to no place for photo-realism. But at the same time, such an approach makes the game even better because it nicely harmonizes with the Fortnite's sense of humor and occasional absurdity you can see here. The game tries to be fun first of all, not a movie.


Mobile players mostly play on the mobile servers, thus being protected from unfair rivalry with the PC/console Fortner's, who have better controls. It's possible to play the game using the touch-display, but having a joystick wouldn't hurt. Besides, there's a footstep detector: it allows you to monitor footsteps near you, in case you can't use headphones.


Fortnite for mobile platforms is a funny and satisfying game. It retains all the original features of the desktop version and adds a couple of nuances that guarantee smooth gaming experience. So don't hesitate and join the Royale Battle with Fortnite!

Professional Critic
Wendy Hubbert

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4.6 / 5
Fortnite the latest version app review
Author: Epic Games, Inc.
Latest Version: 6.10.1
Publish Date: 2018-10-19
Size: 150.3 MB

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